Members Enjoy Private Tour of Exploratorium

August 2013

On August 22nd, fifteen FWSF members and their guests enjoyed a private tour of the new, San Francisco Exploratorium located at Pier 15. The tour included the Perception, Light and Color gallery and took a deeper look into such classic exhibits as the giant mirror, sun painting and colored shadows. It provided deeper insights into the physics of light and color and how your eyes and brain work together to inform – or fool – you. From an overhead catwalk we were also able to view the enormous workshop where all the experiments are created. Following the tour, we enjoyed food and beverages at the Seaglass restaurant located in the Exploratorium and overlooking the Bay.

San Francisco Exploratorium

In the late 1960’s, Dr. Frank Oppenheimer was teaching at a university where he developed experiments that allowed his students to explore scientific phenomena at their own pace and following their own curiosity. He used this learning model to create the Exploratorium to help the public better understand science and technology. The museum opened in 1969. There are 150 new exhibits for a total of 600, indoors and out.

This event sold out rapidly, and we recognize that many members were not able to attend. We are considering a repeat of this event, so please let us know if you are interested. 

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