FWSF Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging


Welcome (or welcome back!) to the FWSF Diversity and Inclusivity team page. We are so happy you are taking the time to engage. 

As our 2020 President, Olivia Barbee said in her recent letter to the FWSF community, the FWSF Diversity and Inclusivity team is working to further the causes of equity, racial justice and peace within our FWSF community and beyond. We believe that all of us are called to find the role that we can play in moving our society toward reconciliation as we, as an organization and as individuals, do the work to come together, fight injustice, learn and become better allies.

Please continue to share your voice with us and submit your suggestions, questions and feedback. You can also reference the resources below to support Black-owned businesses and learn more about Equity and Leadership at upcoming events from partner organizations. 

Thank you!
Janeth Medina Larios
VP Diversity and Inclusivity

Board Presentations:

DEI&B facilitated Discussion with Dr. Maria Hernandez

Racism and the Pandemic are Interconnected

Creating a Sense of Belonging - Facilitated Discussion

Key Disparities of Covid-19 in the Workplace

Bay Area Black-owned Businesses:

Black-owned Restaurants in the Bay Area

Mobile Web Apps - Download to find Black-owned businesses:


Relevant Events: 


Egal Center for Equity, Gender & Leadership

Latinas in Tech

Latinos in Finance


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