FWSF Committees

Women who join Financial Women of San Francisco are doers. We thrive on making an impact – by serving on FWSF committees, taking on special projects, or leading important initiatives. By volunteering our time, we advance the FWSF mission and deepen our relationships with other remarkable women in finance.

We encourage you to join an FWSF committee that matches your interests, talents or aspirations. As a volunteer-run organization, we rely on your efforts to keep FWSF an essential source of insight and inspiration to financial women in the Bay Area.

Click on a committee title to view its description. Or download this pdf for a printable version.

If you are interested in stepping up your engagement with FWSF and want to hear more about how you can get involved on a committee, please email us at info@FinancialWomenSF.org or 415.586.8599.





Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEIB)

The FWSF Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEIB) Committee designs and implements our inclusion program to ensure that our membership, leadership, programs, and other activities reflect the rich diversity of the Bay Area financial community. The DEIB Committee works with all other teams across the FWSF to ensure that we look through the lens of diversity and inclusion in all that we do. The committee works on events, and works to measure our progress towards an FWSF that reflects the Bay Area. The committee meets monthly to develop strategy, assess progress and plan. In person attendance at committee meetings is highly encouraged.


Corporate Sponsorship

The Corporate Sponsorship Committee cultivates corporate relationships which are the primary source of funds for the FWSF Scholarship Fund, and which also provides support for FWSF. Service on the Corporate Sponsorship Committee expands your network with a range of national and Bay Area companies and gives you valuable fundraising experience.

Individual Fundraising

The Individual Fundraising committee works to raise funds for the FWSF Scholarship Fund from individual donors. The committee provides the opportunity to organize events, solicit donors, and participate in building the strategy for growing the donor base and total donations.

Financial Woman of the Year

The Financial Woman of the Year Committee plans and executes our signature Financial Woman of the Year event. The gathering is held each fall to raise money for the FWSF Scholarship Fund and honor exemplary women in finance. It draws more than 700 attendees annually. As a member of the Financial Woman of the Year Committee, you may interact with several other committees, including Corporate Sponsorship, Scholarship, and Marketing Communications functions – as well as outside parties such the videographer, hotel, event planners and more.



The Communications Committee focuses on internal and external FWSF communications and works to heighten awareness of FWSF, our members and our role as an essential source of insight and inspiration to financial women in the Bay Area. As a member of this team, you will help produce an e-newsletter that informs members and prospective members about relevant events and activities, introduces new members, and increases the value of FWSF membership. Team members will also develop the FWSF’s communication strategy and produce a quarterly editorial calendar to connect strategy to action and events. You may also work (together with outside vendors) to develop and maintain the FWSF website and implement other methods of member communication.

PR and Social Media

The PR (public relations) & Social Media Committee focuses on media relations, public relations and social media to heighten awareness of FWSF, our members and our role as an essential source of insight and inspiration to financial women in the Bay Area and beyond. As a member of this committee, you will work with FWSF’s outside PR firm to develop media strategy throughout the year, and develop strategy/content for our social media channels.


Membership & Member Services

The Membership Committee works to expand our membership base and serve the needs of our members. It welcomes new members, designs and executes membership drives, and plans membership development activities, as well as developing existing and new benefits and services for FWSF members. As a member of this committee, you will explore ways to increase interest and involvement in the organization and derive exceptional value from membership, driving membership retention. Service on the Membership Committee enables you to meet a broad range of current and prospective FWSF members.


San Francisco

The San Francisco Programs Committee identifies, recruits and hosts speakers for our highly respected Industry Leadership, Professional Development and Lifestyle and Special Events Series in San Francisco. Industry Leadership programs showcase hot issues in financial services and speakers who are recognized leaders in their fields. Professional Development programs immerse our members in topics that can make or break a career and introduce attendees to experts on a range of subjects. Lifestyle and Special Events programs focus on our annual holiday party and other social and soft-skill events. Serving on the San Francisco Programs Committee encourages big-picture thinking and puts you in touch with experts in financial services, business, government and civic affairs, as well as opportunities to mix and mingle, be creative, and enjoy the company of other FWSF members.



FWSF’s Scholarship Committee coordinates our scholarship program and scholarship recipient mentorship program for young women pursuing careers in finance or financial services. The committee works with Bay Area colleges and universities to encourage submissions, review applications, conduct final interviews and provide recommendations. Committee service gives you the privilege of meeting inspiring young women and guiding them on their road to success.

Scholarship Mentoring

The FWSF Mentoring Committee manages our mentoring program. The committee plans events that bring together our scholarship winners and our members, oversees mentor/protégé relationships, and seeks ways to improve the program. Committee service provides you with a unique opportunity to connect with aspiring young financial professions to women at the peak of their careers.

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