How to Submit Job Postings

The FWSF now accepts job post listings electronically using a platform called Submittable. Please follow this link to send us your job posting and we will publish it in the Members Only section of our website within 24-48 hours.

FWSF Job Posting Guidelines

  • Listings must follow the format outlined below. Listing may be edited to comply with the required format or may be shortened. Listings are not reviewed with the listing party after they have been edited.
  • Please note that the average compensation of FWSF members is in the lower six-figure range. Jobs will only be listed if the compensation is in excess of $90,000.
  • Job listings should include the name of the company (the Search Firm's or the corporation's) and dollar compensation (or range of potential dollar compensation). Listings submitted without this information will not be considered for publication.
  • Listings must include contact information for the hiring manager or recruiter.
  • We provide an opportunity to submit a URL link to the complete job description and/or application online. We also provide the means to upload the job posting in PDF format.
  • Any listing for an out of state/non-Bay Area position should clearly state the geographic location.
  • Listings are automatically removed after three months. The lister may email an extension request and a listing can be removed if the position is filled.
  • Listings are run at the sole discretion of the Board of the FWSF.

There is no charge to place a listing in FWSF Career Corner.

Submit a Job Posting

FWSF Job Post Format

Job Title - e.g., Vice President, Director of Financial Reporting

Hiring Company

Job Location - Whether the job opening is in the Bay Area or elsewhere, please be as specific as possible. 

Job Description - Provide a concise job description that includes key responsibilities and critical qualifications. The description should be fairly short, preferably 5-10 lines long. 

URL Link - The job submission process includes an opportunity to provide a URL link to the full job description and application online

Upload Job Description - The job submission process also includes an opportunity to upload a complete job description in PDF format.

Compensation - All monetary and non-monetary compensation should be specified. A range is acceptable.

Contact Information - Every job posting should include contact information so that FWSF members can follow up with the appropriate recruiter, HR person or hiring manager.

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