Voices of Experience –
What FWSF is Learning about Mentoring


Forty-five women from the financial industry in San Francisco gathered to share their stories of being a mentor or a mentee on February 6, in a session focused on mentoring in FWSF entitled “Voices of Experience.” There were both members and guests of FWSF, including 14 current and past mentees and 11 current and past mentors from the FWSF Scholarship Mentoring Program. In addition to sharing their experiences, participants considered what FWSF has been learning about mentoring. The following is a summary of their conclusions.

Mentoring opportunities are unlimited

Anyone can be a mentor to anyone at any time, in any place. Mentoring opportunities are unlimited. Every conversation provides an occasion to mentor a mentee. All that is necessary is to recognize and be receptive to mentoring moments which calls for you, the mentor, to share intellectual capital, provide guidance, build self-confidence and offer challenging ideas.

The Mentee drives the process

A mentoring relationship is best when it is "mentee-driven." As the one seeking knowledge and wisdom, it is the mentee who has responsibility for promoting accountability and follow through on the agreed process, goals and tasks.

The two-way relationship is the keyMentoring discussion

The heart of mentoring is the mentor- mentee relationship. Building and maintaining this relationship is a two-way process, that can be transformational as both parties grow and develop. This relationship is based in a ground of solid self-awareness. It entails mutual support, listening to one another and expanding one another’s knowledge base. A good mentoring relationship is a win-win event, in which give and take enables both players to find common ground in life coaching.

Mentoring involves the whole self

Mentoring involves our whole, natural human selves. It involves the social aspect – food and alcohol. Mentors are honest, empowering, authentic, passionate and inspirational. This is a place to be yourself and have fun with one another!

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