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Barbara MorrisonBarbara Morrison

TCM Financing
Founder and President

What are some milestones of your career that have made you the leader you are today?
The milestones that come to mind involve taking a risk to pursue a career based on meaningful work - initially, leaving the investment world for a position as an unpaid intern in the San Francisco Mayor’s office, which led to starting TMC, a nonprofit that provides SBA real estate financing.
Which other female leaders inspire you and why?
I have been privileged to meet so many amazing women business owners who have worked with us to finance a building for their companies. Their courage, determination and passion inspires me every day!
What is the best career advice you have for women entering the field of finance?
Actually, it is the same for any field - find something you really care about, that has an impact that you’re proud of, that involves something more than just growing the bottom line. And keep your antenna up for new opportunities and new solutions. Don’t be afraid of change.

What has your experience as a mentor been like and how has it benefited you?
Being a mentor is an honor. Helping others succeed is one of the most rewarding aspects of any leadership position. It is always a two-way street - I’m sure I learn as much being a mentor as the mentee! And it is a joy to watch young women grow and excel!


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