PLANNING AHEAD with Kristi Royse

October 2013

Kristi RoyceBusinesses plan all the time, but in the hustle and bustle of daily lives, our own personal plans often get back-burnered. Consultant Kristi Royse showed a packed room how to create our own personal strategic plan for achieving what we want out of life with a straight-forward approach in a thought-provoking program in October, 2013. 

Kristi suggested we first identify our own core values—what motivates or drives us every day and serve as our guides to action. Then Kristi challenged us to consider whether we are living up to those core values and treating others consistently with them.

Kristi also discussed identifying our own personal mission in life. What is our calling, our aim, our purpose?  How do we visualize ourselves at our personal best? We wrote down our top ten “what ifs?” and then considered what influences are preventing us from achieving our personal best. “If you identify your strengths, and capitalize on them, you are likely to achieve much more,” Kristi said. She emphasized that by making a written plan with measurable, but achievable goals, and adopting a realistic timeline, we increase our likelihood of progress. And surrounding ourselves with people who believe in us—rather than the naysayers who add undue stress—will make that journey easier, not to mention more fun!

We all left that evening inspired to do more to make our dreams a reality. As Kristi reminded us of author Bob Moawad’s observation, “most people don’t aim too high and miss. They aim too low and hit.” Kristi helped us aim a lot higher.  

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