FWSF Partners with Rock The Street to Promote Financial Literacy

In partnership with Rock The Street, Wall Street (RTS), in the fall of 2022 FWSF volunteers taught high school students about finance and investments, including budgeting, investments and the stock market, at Woodside High School, Woodside, CA. In the winter/spring semester of 2023 FWSF volunteers will be providing mentorship to students on various topics depending upon their grade level: resume writing, use of LinkedIn, interviewing, looking for college scholarships, etc. The aim is to personalize topics based on the needs of the student.

Rock the street volunteers

FWSF volunteers enjoying Session 4 at Woodside High School on October 19, 2022: Rachel Perkel, Mimi Mengis and Anne Chambers. FWSF volunteer Jennifer Lin (not shown) taught earlier sessions.

All volunteers may access the RTS Job Portal and post job openings at their firms.

To inquire about volunteering for the Fall 2023 Program or if you have any questions, please email Mimi Mengis: mmengis@gmail.com. Volunteers are required to pass two background checks, one administered by Rock The Street, and one administered by the school district that includes fingerprints.  

Background on Rock The Street, Wall Street

At the April 6, 2022 Fireside chat between Maura Cunningham, Founder and CEO of RTS, and Melissa Maquilan Radic, President of FWSF, we learned about RTS’ global program to spark girls’ interest in finance. The recording of the April 6 Fireside Chat is available to FWSF members on the FWSF website. To learn more about RTS, see the link: https://rockthestreetwallstreet.com/mission-2

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