Make Your iPad Work for You

By Tamarra L. Brown, FWSF East Bay Committee

Show and Tell Ipad Demo"It's a miracle," a wide-eyed participant said with wonder.

A travel itinerary flawlessly flowed into place with the click of a button as the audience watched a large screen. With only a flight number and airline name, an iPad and an app had done their work.

"Hallelujah!" presenter Don Colman joked back, hands raised to heaven.

"Miracle" became the evening's buzz word as Colman, Senior Regional Marketing Director at Putnam Investments, walked attendees through the wonders of the Apple iPad. The presentation was hosted by FWSF's East Bay Committee on May 7 at Merrill Lynch Wealth Management offices in Walnut Creek. Colman, a self confessed "iPad geek," taught himself how to maximize iPad's capabilities. Sharing that knowledge with others is now a passion, he said.

Attendees followed Colman's lead using their own iPads. Colman wowed them with free apps, organizing tips and memory saving moves. His wit and iPad mastery made the evening light and fast paced. Key features covered included recording meetings for play back, hand writing cards online, creating organizing folders and productivity applications that mirror Microsoft's Office Suite. New applications for shopping, travel, reading and leisure proved popular. A tutorial for leveraging LinkedIn for business concluded the evening. Even tech savvy attendees left amazed.

Special thanks to Susan Mazzetti, Financial Advisor at Merrill Lynch Wealth Management and East Bay Committee Member, for organizing the event.

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