Getting Your “Oomph” Back In Your Job:
Jan. 28 Professional Development Program With Sherry Jordana

OomphNot eager to get out of bed on weekdays? Wondering whether your job could unleash more of your passion? Then you need to get your “oomph” back!

Sherry Jordana showed us how in our first Professional Development program of 2014.  Women who are in-between jobs, those employed but not satisfied, and others interested in making that job bring them more joy and energy participated in a lively and interactive program led by Sherry.

Sherry explained a logical process to analyze our own career anchors—our competencies (functional vs. managerial) and our dominant needs or motives that drive us (e.g., autonomy or independence, creativity, lifestyle, stability or security, dedication to a cause and pure challenge). Anchors can change over time, and work factors like responsibilities, one’s boss, and the organization itself impact “oomph.” Money, Sherry said, can be a scorecard, but it probably will not motivate you on a long term basis.

Five career approaches to get more “oomph,” Sherry noted, include understanding preferences, finding a job that suits you in a field you enjoy, managing priorities, having financial independence, and boosting morale. “Be mindful of why you go to this job every day,” Sherry suggested. “Think about what tasks you enjoy doing—what makes your heart sing?” Sherry’s advice is to look for jobs that fit your strengths and passions and environments that suit you.

With this encouragement, we are now ready to face a new year and the challenge of finding passion in our careers! 

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